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Since 2004


Schneider Electric

Frequency inverters for 3-phase motors

From 0.75 KW to 2.4 MW


Pape & Olbertz

High quality rotor starters for slip-ring motors


  • Sarooj Cement 1500KW 690V ID Fan
  • Kavir Cement 1500KW 690V MX Top
  • Bohrook Cement 1200KW Liquid Cooled MX Pro
  • Lar Cement MX Badic - MX Plus - MX Top
  • Kavan Cement 630KW 400V EP Fan MX Eco
  • Industrial Pumps HIVERT 1.5 MW 6.6 KV Test Pump
  • Amir Kabir Foolad 14 * 250 KW pDRIVE MX Eco
  • Tabriz Petrochemical 2 X 400KW Compressor
  • Water & Waste Water Shomal 3 X 315 KW Pumps
  • Carbonat Ghazvin 315 KW Ball-Mill
  • Malibel Saipa 315 KW Exhaust Fan
  • Shomal Brick 315 KW Extruder
  • Steel Industry Hoist Application MX Pro
  • Mining Industry Conveyor Application MX Pro
    and TBM Machines
  • Soofian Cement, Isfahan Cement, Sepahan Cement, Shomal Cement, Ardestan Cement, Abyek Cement, Zabol Cement, Tehran Cement and ...



HIVERT general medium voltage VFD is the high voltage (synchronous and asynchronous) AC motor speed regulating device which is independently developed and produced by Hiconics


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